Catch all the dog breeds with our PetCube app and become a true dog expert and helper! Moving in to new neighbourhoods have become much easiy with also an hazard alert.


A new app called Petcube!!! uses mobile app to analyze and identify a dogs available using a smartphone camera or photo library.The app allows users to use an existing image of a dog or to take an image with the app's camera mode, which also plays noises to help dogs look directly at the camera. Once a user has selected an image, the app analyzes the image to determine there is a breed and it gives a notification.


  • Safety alert
  • User friendly
  • Dog breed

Safety alert

The petcube app has the feature to play sound to make the dog directly at the phone camera to analyse it.

User friendly

Users are their own boss, u can directly feed the dog details their own neighbourbood thereby other friends who have the app will be secure.

Dog breed

Once the user has taken image of the dog if the user doesnt know the dog breed,take the picture of the dog ,makethe dog look at the phone by playing sound,pet cube use the camera or photo libray or user selected image to display dog breed as notification.

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Admin Panel

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