CarRus is an online service application to keep workers available at a moments notice to customers.The application is available on Android and IOS phones, and you can use it as a fulfillment of the tasks and services required, as well as any accomplishment of the services at the price you want.With our app you can send any service request from where you are and find local help willing to bid for the job.


Capturing user needs, allocating manpower, and then monitoring everything under a single roof was a difficult challenge. But with the help of technology, the creative minds were working on their loopholes carRus is set to meet the customer needs with various providers with various services with effective distance and cost friendlier approach. carRus for Provider/customer an online platform for providers to scout for the best customers in the service industry


  • Multispectral service
  • Real time service modification
  • Advertisement

Multispectral service

CarRus has the feature in which the provider with range big or small of work force can list and specify the various services the provider has to offer like towing,mechanical repairs,pannel beating and much more.

Real time service modification

CarRus provider through this defines various speed levels of service ranging on how fast the customers demands as per cost effctiveness.


Besides all the above-listed ways of earning money, there is another way of earning more money which is – advertisement. Businesses, suppliers, and providers use the platform to display their advertisements in return for the company’s advertisement.

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Admin Panel

The Administrator application, also known as the Back-end, Admin Panel or Control Panel, There are many tasks which can be done with the administrator interface.



An Android Package Kit (APK for short) is the package file format used by the Android operating system for distribution and installation of mobile apps.



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